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Strength in Depth

As the January transfer window opens HCG have taken the opportunity to strengthen our team with two new hires. We are delighted to welcome Danielle and Alannah to the HCG family.

Danielle joins HCG from Arup. Her passion lies in preserving and enhancing the environment, improving human health and wellbeing and making a difference to those being asked to change. She has BSc Hons in Psychology and is a Well AP (Advanced Practitioner), adding to the diversity of our service offering.

Danielle said “I am delighted and extremely excited to be joining HCG at such an important time to help our clients navigate the challenging future of the workplace."

Alannah having a BA in Psychology and a MSC in Organisational Psychology, has a passion and inquisitive mind for human behaviour and the world of work. Previously working for MCM as a Junior Behavioural Change Consultant, Alannah has developed an in-depth understanding and desire to fostering change in the workplace and how people are influenced by the physical environment.

Alannah said “I am very excited to join HCG and be given the opportunity to make a positive difference in the workplace. The world of work is evolving more than ever and I am proud to be part of a team that is so passionate in helping organisations maximise their potential.”

Steve Henigan, Director said “At what is a pivotal time for workplace consultancy I am delighted that both Danielle and Alannah have decided to join our growing team. Their experience and personalities will be a huge asset to both HCG and our clients."

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