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Our Offering Explained


When it comes to helping organisations to connect the dots between their vision, culture and workplace(s), there are a number of ways we can achieve this.


Our approach is a flexible one that allows us to respond to the specific needs of each organisation - whether that be a one-off project or global programme.


Our services can be offered individually or integrated to support the development of a workplace and/or change management project.



We get to know you, and develop a vision with supporting KPIs for your workplace and/or change project that are aligned to your organisational strategy.

Workplace Strategy

By understanding your needs as individuals, teams, and as an organisation, we recommend the cultural and spatial requirements to deliver your workplace vision.

Change Plan

Our change plan sets out the engagement, communications, and training required to successfully deliver the agreed culture and workplace vision in line with your organisation's strategy.

Design Governance

We provide a seamless transition between workplace strategy and design, ensuring that the finished product combines the best of both function and form.


Change Management

We devise, deliver and reinforce meaningful culture change through engagement, communication and training.

Occupancy Planning

We support strategic and tactical occupancy planning; responding to ongoing changes in the organisation.

Post Occupancy Evaluation

We review the success of your change and/or workplace project against both the vision and KPIs.




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