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Social Responsibility at HCG

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We are committed to acting in a responsible way when it comes to how we operate, how we treat others and how we give back. This spans social initiatives, as well as our approach to sustainability.

Below is a summary of just some of the initiatives we have been involved with to-date:

  • Christmas donations – we have supported a number of shoebox appeals led out of both the UK and overseas

  • Various charitable donations – we have donated to a number of charities close to our Managing Director, Steve Henigan’s heart

  • Steve completed a charity UK channel swim and raised money for two charities including: The Osborne Partnership and Abbie’s Army. Steve documented his story via a series of vlogs, which can be accessed here: ttps://

HCG also recognises that there are many clients and workplace(s) deserving of our time and expertise, but without the appropriate budget. In exceptional cases, we work pro-bono or at greatly reduced rates, and have supported the following organisations:

  • Shelter – we led on their workplace strategy activities at no cost

  • Central London Samaritans – we led on their workplace strategy activities at rates below cost

  • Citizens Advice – we led on their workplace strategy and change management activities at rates below cost

  • Muscular Dystrophy UK – we led on their workplace activities at no cost

And finally, we are committed to giving a percentage of our profits, every year, to charitable organisations. Charities we have supported to-date, include: The Osborne Partnership, Abbie’s Army, Charity for Kids, St Francis Hospice and Southend RNLI.

And there is so much more being planned! Collectively, as a team, we possess a huge amount of insight and life experience, and this is something we can pass onto others – particularly younger individuals. We are currently in talks with a number of schools to deliver entrepreneurship-focused talks.

Do you have a charity or cause that you feel we could offer support with?

Get in touch via

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