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Henigan to join Corenet UK debate on how work may change post covid.

We have all heard a lot about the New Normal and predictions on what the office-scape may become, but what if we consider how work itself may change?

The post Covid world will be different for a number of reasons and change will be driven by people, how they can and wish to work, the need for and use of workspace and organisational real estate cost. But there’s more to it. We have seen societal change emerging as an influencing factor, companies may wish to restructure both physically and structurally and technology continues to underpin and support this. Given the speed of development there may come a time in the near future when technology can become the leading element in how, where and when we work.

HCG Director Steve Henigan has been asked to join a panel of industry experts to discuss and debate the above as part of the Corenet UK wrap up series of events. For more information or to sign up click here.

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