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HCG attending the annual AUDE ‘Big Conversation 2021’ event

Two members of the HCG team – Steve Henigan and Dan Wakelin, will be attending ‘Big Conversation 2021’, in person, on Thursday October 14 2021. The event is being hosted by AUDE, which stands for the Association of University Directors of Estates.

This is the fifth annual Big Conversation event: a fast-paced debate on current topics surrounding higher education (HE) and estates. It will be a day of discussion and knowledge-sharing, with speakers and delegates reflecting on learnings from their institutions and careers. The theme of the event is agile working and how universities can provide the best learning environments for the next generation of students.

In addition to HCG attending the event, Steve will be speaking on a panel hosted by Overbury - the UK’s leading fit out specialist, and alongside one of our clients – NHS Property Services, as well as the BBC and PTS Global.

HCG’s experience in the HE sector is extensive and we have worked with a number of highly-ranked institutions - including Russell Group universities.

For more information on the in-person event, please click here:

Key Takeaways from the event

A big thank you to AUDE for organising the event, which we found both insightful and useful for connections. Some key takeaways from the event (as noted by us):

  • ‘Belonging’ is the new engagement

  • Hybrid doesn’t become less messy because you call it something else

  • Don’t put old behaviours into new spaces

  • People need both purposeful and frivolous reasons to come together

We also enjoyed taking part in the panel event, a picture of which is below. Steve Henigan is on the far left.

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