In memory of Olivia

The Challenge 

The English Channel is the stretch of water that separates England and France. At its nearest points it spans 21 miles but most swimmers will swim significantly further as the current moves them many miles from side to side.


In 1875 Captain Matthew Webb made the first unassisted swim and it is now considered one of the most iconic swim challenges in the world.


The distance, variable weather conditions, cold water and an almost guarantee of jellyfish encounters all add to what is often considered the Everest of Swimming.


If that isn’t enough to swim the channel means to cross one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world with over 600 tankers passing through daily.


For a swim to be officially recognised the swimmer must wear a standard swim costume (Speedos!) and cannot come into contact with anybody or anything from the moment they step into the water to the moment they step out and fully clear the water on the French coastline. 


Throughout the swim I will be supported by experienced pilot Stuart Gleeson  and support crew of family and friends.


More information about swimming the English Channel can be found here.  

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