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Leesman have launched a survey tool to understand the challenges and opportunities from the now enforced home working across much of the world. Being one of the longstanding users of their survey we are part of the informally known CREFM Covid Response Community. Using our knowledge of the Leesman methodology and tools we can quickly and efficiently analyse results and develop recommendations based on the findings to;

  • Understand the challenges in the current home-working environment and devise strategic interventions and quick wins

  • Assess the impact of interventions and how employee experience changes over time across multiple assessments

  • Audit and report back on overall success once a sense of normalcy returns

  • Have a clear picture of what planning and preparation need to take place to ensure preparation for the next sizable disruption



CREFM Covid Response Community

Working with Leesman and others we are committed to identifying solutions for the issues and challenges that organisations and individuals are facing. This includes technology, furniture, operational and psychological challenges. As part of this group we are committed to;


  • Developing plans and ongoing support for each client

  • Joining forums to share insight, feedback and best practice

  • Openly publishing thoughts and recommendations

  • Understanding trends and patterns in order to avoid repeated mistakes

  • Minimising financial and social disruption for organisations and individuals

Logistics & Reporting

  • Available in primary languages

  • Takes about 3-4 minutes to complete

  • The survey should be sent out and remain open for up to 1 week

  • Generate playback results and recommendations within 7-10 days

  • HCG analysis and reporting includes;

    • Full analysis and development of detailed and executive reports

    • Virtual workshop to present and discuss results and recommendations

    • Ongoing weekly updates as further data is collected


Leesman have developed a cost model to recover their costs. Should demand for the tool exceed their projections then the cost of the tool could be reduced. 


Please contact steve.henigan@henigancg.com for a bespoke quotation. That includes the Leesman survey costs and bespoke analysis and reporting. 

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