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HCG continues with its ambitious growth plan for 2022 

As part of HCG’s continued investment into talent, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Danielle Adler to Senior Consultant.

Danielle has been with the HCG business for just under 2 years and has supported some of our largest projects and earned a reputation with our clients for consistently delivering to a high standard. In recent months, Danielle has played a pivotal role in onboarding new members of the HCG team and taking a lead in the delivery of both workplace strategy and change management projects. Her promotion to Senior Consultant is a reflection of these achievements.

Danielle has a particular interest in preserving and enhancing the working environment and improving human health and wellbeing. She is also WELL AP accredited.

Steve Henigan comments, “Danielle is a highly valued member of the HCG team and has impressed a number of our clients with her work ethic and perspective on all things workplace and life. She works incredibly hard and is very supportive of her peers - a true team player."

Danielle comments, “The whole team have been working incredibly hard over the past year and it feels great to be recognised via a promotion. I’m really excited about contributing to further growth at HCG with the rest of the team."

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