In memory of Olivia

My Journey

So why am I swimming? Well why not? I love swimming and have always enjoyed being in and around open water so the Channel is the obvious and ultimate personal challenge.


Growing up I was lured into triathlon at an early age. Over a decade I raced for the British Age Group team at European and World Championships in France, Italy, Switzerland and Mexico.  In 2010 as part of my 30th birthday celebrations I successfully completed a long distance event in Austria, earning the right to call myself an Ironman.


After switching to running i completed several marathons before a stress fracture put me back into the pool and in 2016 I entered a 10k open water race. After not only surviving the race but thoroughly enjoying it the buzz was back and the Channel Journey began.


I booked my slot in January 2017 and spent most of this year working on technique, almost going back to the basics and learning to swim more efficiently and effectively. In 2018 I stepped up the training and successfully completed two long distance races finishing 7th in both. The second race, swimming the length of Lake Windermere (10.5 miles) ticked off another milestone and took me another step closer.


In 2019 I will be;


  • Completing my 6 hour cold water qualifier swim in Majorca in mid March

  • Swimming with my pilot boat and crew in mid May

  • Competing in the Dover Champion of Champions in June - A 9 mile endurance challenge across 3 races

My training will mainly consist of pool training of 1-2.5 hour sessions 4 times a week and from May training most weekends with the Dover Training Group in Dover Harbour.

You can follow my progress through my vlogs on the homepage. 


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