Target: £10,500

Achieved: £13,331

127% @ 23 July

In memory of Olivia

In July 2019 I will be swimming across the English Channel to raise funds and support for two charities that are very special to our family. Please look around this site to understand more about the challenge, the charities and most importantly how to show your support through individual or corporate sponsorship. 

You can follow my progress through the regular vlogs that will be published below and visiting my facebook page

Thanks for you support.   Steve. 

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The last week has seen me go through a complete range of emotions from stressed/ head explosion to positive to low and back to chilled and confident. Its almost time.....

My longest training session to date - a 10 hour swim in Dover Harbour. I explain the highs, lows and what you think about in a session this long.

A big week! After the wind stopped my night swim last weekend I had another opportunity this weekend. Seeing as i was already signed up to race in Dover in the morning I went for my night swim at 3am, back to bed for a shiver and then raced through 9 miles of swimming during the day. 

With just 6 weeks to go I am checking in with technique coach Ray Gibbs at Swim Canary Wharf. Using an Endless pool Ray can video me swimming from multiple angles. 

At this point its all getting very real. Myself and my crew (Dad Ken and friend Gary) go out for a test trip on my pilot boat. 

My first Vlog focused on my training trip to Majorca.


This time get an insight to a more normal morning - an early start and a hard swim set in the London Olympic pool - all before a day's work. 

My first Vlog in the build up to my July Channel swim in support of the Osborne Partnership and Abbie's Army.


This vlog is based on the Swimtrek Majorca long distance swimming camp I attended.

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