The introduction of new or different ways of working requires a change in behaviour as well as furniture. As an independent consultant we provide a robust and structured change management process and toolkit that compliments the roles of your existing project team. Based on the internationally recognised Prosci ADKAR model we provide a consistent approach to analysing and understanding the scale and complexity of your change and then deliver a framework to implement supporting activities at an organisation and individual level. The ADKAR model ensures that we build Awareness and Desire before supporting people with the Knowledge and Ability to embrace the change. Working with your leadership, project management team and change champions we support you through the design, construction and post move phases to ensure success.

Our process and toolkit can support;

  • Relocation projects

  • Implementing activity based/ agile working 

  • Incorporating remote working into an existing or new workplace  

  • Consolidation or integration of new teams

  • Post covid changes including introduction of new technology or collaboration processes 

  • Workplace pilot projects