In memory of Olivia

Abbie's Army

Olivia was a happy, fun-loving normal 5-year-old little girl who went to Wickford Church of England School with my youngest daughter Sophie. In June 2017 Olivia’s parents lived every parents nightmare when they were told that she cancer.  She was diagnosed with an inoperable and aggressive brain tumour called “DIPG” (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) with a 0% survival rate.  Just 12 months later Olivia died at home surrounded by her family. Sadly Olivia’s story isn’t a one off and every 9 days a child in the UK is diagnosed with DIPG.


Abbie's Army' is a children's DIPG research charity, founded in loving memory of Abbie, another victim of DIPG. Their mission is to both raise awareness and funding for DIPG research to help overturn this 'terminal' prognosis AND provide a useful resource, practical advice and support for other parents who receive this horrendous diagnosis for their child.  Further details about Olivia can found here and the Abbie's Army charity here

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